Who let the dogs out?

– Mariana Braz

The other day I was going to the food store and when I got to the parking lot I saw a crowd. I didn’t know what was going on, but my curiosity took me over there to check it out. When I got closer I saw that people were walking in and out of the pet store. They were having an “adopt a pet” day.

Omg! They had the cutest little puppies I’ve ever seen. I’m not a big fan of cats, but they were adorable. I have a passion for dogs. I instantly fell in love with a yellow lab. It was a female and I decided that I was taking her home with me. She was too cute to be left there.

I signed the adoption agreement and took her. As I was leaving, the lady from the pet store asked me if I was going to buy any supplies for my new pet. I thought about it and I realized that I didn’t have anything for Lilly at home. I went inside the store and bought a few items. I found everything very expensive but I didn’t know where else to buy all of that at that moment.

When I got home, my neighbor Dora came to talk to me.  She has two dogs and three cats. I wondered how she does to feed all of her pets. I was sure she spent a lot of money on that.

I showed her my new dog Lilly. I also told her that I had bought a few things at the pet store, but I needed to buy some more food and a few other toys. The problem is that I wouldn’t have time to go to the store anytime soon.

Dora told me that she spends a lot of money and she usually goes to two different stores to buy pet supplies. Then I realized that I had the solution for both of our problems. I told her that I am a  Time to Save member.  She had no idea what I was talking about. I explained that this is a website designed to help people save money while buying what they need.  She was very interested on the idea and said that she would join it right away. And she did.

When she left I started looking for a pet store. I found Entirely Pets. They have everything I needed for great prices. I didn’t think twice and bought a lot of pet supplies.

Afterwards, Dora called to thank me for the great advice. Time To Save was a great solution for both of us. We buy everything online from the comfort of our homes. But besides of that, Time To Save partners offer cash back in every purchase.  Entirely Pets, for example, offers up to 3% cash back to Time to Save members.

Now that’s what I call a “bark-gain”.