– Jay Hathaway

At 34 years old, I understand that many people my age no longer get terribly excited about toys at Christmas.  I get it—we get older, have new responsibilities with the changing seasons of our lives, and toys simply become things we buy for our kids.  Aside from this, the popular toys of today seem so much different than what we grew up with, and this applies to just about any generation that no longer plays with toys.

This all seems like a pretty depressing reality, if one were to ask me.  Why is it that we feel obligated to remove ourselves from the joy of toys?  I’m not saying we should all quit our jobs and play with Star Wars action figures all day (though I would consider that alternative some days…OK, most days).  But, for those of us with kids of our own, nieces and nephews, or even grandchildren, we have the opportunity to share the excitement of playtime with the little ones in our lives.  And you know what?  It can be a lot of fun!

With that in mind, I will share with you a discovery I made while perusing the many retailers that have partnered with Time To SaveConstructive Playthings (also known as CP Toys) has been selling toys since 1953, holding true to the values of their founders (they do not sell “violent” toys, for example).  I really enjoyed looking through their selection of trains (yes, including Thomas), cars, children’s furniture, building blocks (including Lego brand), and playsets.  As with all Time To Save partner sites, our members have the opportunity to get cash back on their purchases from CP Toys (up to 2.5%) if they shop from our member pages.

This Christmas, I will once again take time to watch my kids open their presents and share in the excitement with them.  Because I am a “responsible adult” (an arguable claim), I may not externalize my joys like they do, but I will most definitely be in on the big Lego construction projects that are sure to follow with my 4 year-old (don’t tell him that’s what he’s getting).  I urge you all to do the same.  Face it—playing with toys sure beats the hell out of most of the things we have to endure during our daily grinds.  Shed the shackles of adulthood just for a few moments, and have some play time.