Toys for Smarter Kids

– Mariana Braz

Jay Hathaway, one of our bloggers, posted about CP Toys a few days ago.  Just as a refresher, CP Toys are constructive play toys that stimulate creativity, learning and interaction.

Sometimes I babysit, extra money is always good! And as a caregiver I have to say that it drives me crazy when the kids I look after play with toys that instigate fights or battles, like swords, gun toys and things of the sort.

Responsible parenting includes making sure your kids have the best environment to grow and develop in a healthy way.

This also applies to grandparents, and uncles and godparents, who may have a special room in their house for the kids to play when they visit.

Let’s make this place a fun, exciting and stimulating play room, where the kids in the family can spend some time using their imagination creating things that will help their cognitive and motor-coordination.

For example, instead of buying a sword, choose a ball or a blocks and building type of toy.

There are so many different options in the market. But kids don’t care about this kind of things, because they don’t understand it. They only want what they see on TV. And that’s usually some toy connected to a TV show. So if they are watching a show that incites violence, the toy will most likely have the same characteristics. So it is up to us, as smart adults to make the best choice for them.

Time to Save has great partners including toy stores. Just browse through the stores catalog and I am sure you will find a valuable offer that will save you some money and help your child develop.