– Mariana Braz

Football season is here. Some people like to cheer for their favorite team at a local bar. I personally prefer to spend my Sundays with friends in front of the TV, watching the games and eating snacks.

Nachos, chicken wings, pretzels, chips and dip are some of all-time favorites. What about drinks? According to the American Heart Association, beer and soda are plentiful during the football season.

We usually have a lot of beer at my house for the games. I always invite a lot of people over, but this year some of my friends said that they wanted to go to a local place because they liked to have draught instead of bottled beer.

This got me thinking and I decided that perhaps I could have my own draught at home. I’ve seen a tap system at a store once, but I didn’t buy because I thought I wouldn’t need something like that. But this was the time I should go back to that store and get it.

Instead of going to there, I went online on my favorite website: Time to Save, where I always find what I am looking for, at great prices. The BudShop Network, which is an Anheuser-Busch Brands website, has a variety of products to choose from. They have t-shirts, hats, glasses, coolers and much more.

As I was browsing, I saw this tap system, just like the one I saw the other day, that would be perfect for my Football Sundays. I didn’t think twice and got it for only $49. And because I am a Time to Save member, some money was sent back direct to my Time to Save account. BudShop Network offers up to 5% cash back. As good as winning the Super Bowl!

Since Time to Save helps me save money every time I purchase something, I decided that I wanted to make my party really special. I had already bought the tap system, then I decided to buy some glasses and a bucket, because there is always those who prefer the good cold bottle.

I was all set for my football Sundays. Every Sunday we have tap and bottle beer and because the tap system is so small, I can bring it over to my friends’ house when it is their turn to host the party.

We also always make sure to have sodas and other non-alcoholic drinks in case there is anybody under age and for our designated drivers.

Game on!