Time to Shop and Save

– Mariana Braz

You know, Christmas will be here in a snap of a finger, so I’m already doing my Christmas shopping. Black Friday was pretty good, but I didn’t buy everything I need.

But, as you all know, shopping is never a problem, especially when you can buy online. My Time to Save’s account is very active lately. I am enjoying all the great deals the partners offer to buy presents for my family and friends, and of course, some for myself.

It is hard to buy presents that will make everybody happy. I have to go to a lot of different stores to get everything. That’s why I didn’t buy everything on Black Friday. I just didn’t want to walk for hours from store to store.

Now I’m spending sometime browsing on some of my favorite web stores to find the perfect gifts. Some of the stores I like to shop at are Best Buy, Kmart, and Lord and Taylor. I just want to remind you that I shop through my Time to Save’s account. In times like this I see how getting some money back for my purchases is really a nice thing.

I bought some gifts for my mom and sister. They are in Brazil. I speak to them pretty often. I wish I could spend the holidays with them, but this year that won’t be possible. But it is ok.

I miss my friends in Brazil as well. I already sent them Christmas cards. I love sending cards and getting them of course. By the way, I just want to say that I find it very interesting how families here send a picture card of the kids as Christmas card. I used to see that in movies, but now I see that it really happens.

Anyway, I’m going back to my shopping list, because I have more shopping to do.