Time to Save is About Education, Too!

-Megan Boiano
If you are already a Time to Save member then you know about the financial benefits that come with using your account, but did you know that there are also educational resources available to you? Time to Save has an entire page with eight different topics on personal finance, which can be found here.

Time to Save is dedicated to not only helping its members save money and get cash back on all of their purchases, but also on educating its members on how to better save and prepare for their financial future. Some of the topics include setting financial goals, college and car loans, and credit cards. Each guide includes short quizzes and activities to help members engage and better understand the material. These eight resources are informative, easy to use, and available exclusively to Time to Save members. If you are interested in earning cash back, how to better invest your money, or both, then Time to Save is your solution – it’s a free service that will get you saving and learning in no time!