Time to Help

– Mariana Braz

Have you done your resolutions list for 2013? Did you add anything like volunteering or donating to a non-profit organization? I did. That’s because I always hear about volunteering and donating to charities. So I decided to dedicate some more of my time and money to help good causes.

I like to volunteer whenever I have couple of hours free. I believe it is a great way to keep myself busy doing something good. Helping others makes us feel better and understand how blessed we truly are. The last place I volunteered was at Habitat for Humanity in Trenton, NJ.

That area really needs help and Habitat for Humanity does a great job helping the community. I’ve also participated in food drives around Mercer County. I think it is very important to devote some of our time to help those in need.

I want to bring to your attention the other side of Time to Save. I always talk about the great deals I find and how wonderful the partners are and so on. But today I want to call your attention to Time to Save’s philanthropic purpose.

Time to Save doesn’t only help its members save money. Part of our mission is to help charities as well. The cash back the members get after every purchase goes to their Time to Save account and they have the option to keep it as their savings, or they can choose to donate to a charity of their choice.

So, we encourage people to buy on their favorite stores through our website and then donate their cash back to help a good cause.

There are so many non-profit organizations out there that really need our help. And if we are going to donate anyway, why not use your Time to Save account to do so?

So, here is what I suggest: if you don’t have an account with us, sign up now! If you already have it, go to your account page and select Add a Beneficiary or Charity to link a charity of your choice to your account.

Let’s start 2013 helping those who need the most.