The Necessity of Geeks

-Jay Hathaway
I have a friend—we’ll call him “Bob”—who is a full-fledged tech guy.  By that, I mean he once worked tech support for a major computer manufacturer, owns mounds of hardware and servers for his online gaming, and can generally answer any question I ever have when difficulties arise in my own tech life.  Bob is a good friend to have.  He’s not a bad golfer, either, but that is a matter for a different blog post.  Regardless, I will say that Bob has guided me through several procedures on my PC or other electronic devices that were beyond my expertise.  It’s not that I am completely lost when navigating the innards of computers; in fact, I like to think that I have above-average acumen with them.  But some jobs are just better left to the geeks.

When Bob chose his career path, he undoubtedly knew that for years to come, people would need expert support for computer electronics.  Those who were teased or written off as computer nerds when we were kids are now indispensable facets of a functioning society.  Put simply: we need geeks.  We keep some of the most important information and memories from our lives inside tiny, often volatile little gadgets and machines in the form of pictures and documents.  Many of us rely on web technology to communicate with people in both our professional and personal lives.  If things go wrong, we stand to lose them all.

For an extremely reasonable price, members of Time To Save can take advantage of Best Buy’s famous Geek Squad support.  The website is offering a one-year membership for $199.00, which covers up to three devices (regardless of where they were purchased), and includes services like virus removal, tune-ups, hardware installation, and updates and repairs for your operating system.  It doesn’t matter if you prefer Mac or PC; they have you covered for the necessary maintenance your computer, notebook, or tablet needs.  What’s the best part of all of this?  When you shop through the Time To Save website, you get up to 3% cash back into your membership account.

Oh, and if you are having trouble navigating the website to find this and other awesome deals, let me know, and I will set you up with Bob.

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