The Hunt For the Perfect Gift

– Anders Weiss

Have you ever had a problem with buying a gift for someone? Well I was in a pickle. It is my grandfather’s birthday in a few weeks, and since he is turning 85 my brothers and I wanted to buy something a little special for him. Well my grandfather is not an easy person to shop for. He loves chocolates, and we usually buy him some expensive chocolates, but we did not want to just get him some nice Swiss chocolate.  As a kid I remembered for my 10th birthday he gave me a Blancpain watch. You can still see me wearing it to this day (I have had to make a few adjustments to it as I grew). He is an avid watch collector; his house is particularly filled with them. Pocket watches, wristwatches, and any other type of watch out there he has. He has not bought a new watch in a while, so we decided to go out and find a more modern watch to diversify his collection a bit.

My brothers and I browsed the local mall for the perfect watch, but the watches that suit my grandfather were just so expensive! Afterwards I did some research on Time To Save’s website and found that if I shopped with Kay Jewelers I would receive 2% into my Time To Save account. I browsed their site and found out this applied to men’s watches. My brothers and I are going to decide on which watch to buy for him this upcoming weekend! Since his birthday is so close to Christmas every bit of money saved just helps buy the next present, and who knows I might just get some shopping done for my siblings. I am not an avid shopper, but browsing Time To Save’s listed merchants make it so easy to spot a gift for the uncle who you have no clue what to buy for.

Another nice thing about Time To Save is that it is not just another discount site. It is a foundation dedicated to helping others. As the holidays come upon us, I always like to spend some extra time in the classroom with underprivileged kids. Having the ability to give the money I saved back from shopping with Time To Save’s program to any charity I choose is a great way for me to further help my community. It is the season of giving, and it is so nice to know that Time To Save fully embraces this, not just in this particular season, but also all year round. Why shop anywhere else?