The Garden State

– Mariana Braz

I always see commercials on TV about different states. Visit here, this place is awesome, go there. But I’ve never seen anything about New Jersey. The other day I posted some information about sightseeing in New York.

So I decided to dedicate this post to talk about New Jersey. I’ve been living in New Jersey for almost 5 years and I absolutely love it.

We have so many things to do here, but a lot of people don’t know that. Let’s start with the State Liberty Park. You can spend the day at the park fishing and crabbing, picnicking, take a boat ride. These are only a few options. The park offers so many things to do, that you can easily spend a day there with your whole family.

If you want to go to Ellis Island and to the Statue of Liberty you don’t have to go to New York, you can take the ferry right there.

Hoboken has a New York City atmosphere but with New Jersey prices. If you want to try different cuisines, you will find them there. For those who like sweets, you can get cakes, cupcakes and other treats at the Carlos Bakery, the famous setting of TLC’s “Cake Boss” and “The Next Great Baker”.

Princeton is another place to visit. Besides the University, that it is an attraction all by itself, Princeton offers the opportunity to get in touch with the past and learn more about Albert Einstein.  They also have a lot of restaurants and shops around town. For the kids, you can visit Cotsen Children’s Library, inside of the University Library or the Princeton University Museum.

How about going to the State capital? Trenton is a very diverse place. Everybody should take a moment to learn about the history of Trenton and the State. The State House, Planetarium and State Museum are the best places for that.

We cannot forget the Jersey shore. After the Hurricane, part of the shore was really affected and need some work, but hopefully we will rebuild it soon, so everybody can enjoy a great summer by the beach.

As you can see New Jersey has so much to offer. I obviously didn’t talk about half of it. That would take a whole book and a little more, but this is just to show that New Jersey is a beautiful place with attractions for the whole family.

Just remember, plan your trip in advance. If you’re thinking about staying in New Jersey and want to save some money, check some of the Time to Save’s partners for great travel deals.