Spring Cleaning









It’s that time of year again,¬†Spring cleaning! The concept of Spring cleaning is based on the idea that colder climates are coming to an end which allows us to open windows and doors. By opening the windows and doors in the Spring the wind is still strong enough to carry dust.

  1. Clean from the outside in. Getting the most difficult jobs out the way first. Start clearing rubble from winter storms around your lawn and gardens. Spray down windows and siding to allow the sunlight in and brighten your exterior.
  2. Move into the garage next, removing clutter and items you will not need anymore. Create two piles one for trash, and the other for donations. Make room for storage of items you will be removing from the home. I.e. fireplace accessories, winter decorations, etc.
  3. Moving inside the house remove all clutter, trash, and unnecessary items. Remembering to separate items for donations.Remove all curtains and linens and begin washing them.
  4. While linens are in the washing machine move on to your closets making sure to go through all of your clothes and linens. Along with closets you will want to clear out cabinets, and storage areas.
  5. Ceiling fans, interior window cleaning, and blind dusting are important. Finish off dusting pictures, wall decor, and anything on display.

Time to Save has a lot of great stores to help you with the Spring cleaning process such as:

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Happy Spring!