Top 5 Reasons To Save

-Mariana Braz

Who never read the top 10 this or top 5 that…There are so many lists out there that I decided to make my own top 5. And since I am an advocate of online shopping, specially using Time to Save, I will list the top 5 reasons to create a Time to Save account and shop online.

1-      Cash Back – this has to be the number one reason. Wouldn’t you like to buy what you like or need and get cash back for it? No questions asked. Once you are a Time to Save member, you have access to hundreds of merchants that have partnered with us so our members can enjoy their new buying knowing that they will have some money sent to their Time to Save account.

2-      Convenience – with our busy schedules sometimes is hard to take a couple of hours to go shopping. From your computer, at home or office you can easily purchase that pair of shoes you loved so much but didn’t have time to go get it, or those jeans your kids need because they grew big for their old pair.

3-      Price – one of the biggest reasons people buy online is the lower prices offered on the internet. If compared to the stores, online prices are most of the times lower, and some stores even offer online only deals that you won’t find anywhere else.

4-      Charity – There are so many great charities out there that desperately need help to keep up their great work. Time to Save members can choose to donate the money they earned after every online purchase to any charity the member feel like deserve it. This is a great way to make your contribution to a good cause while buying whatever you need.

5-      It’s FREE!! Everybody likes to get free money right? So being a Time to Save member is the best way. You don’t believe me? Click here and sign up for free. Once you’ve done that, browse the stores and start earning cash back after every online purchase made through your account.

There it is. I hope I made clear the top 5 reasons to join Time to Save. Not convinced? Tell me why. I will be help to answer any of your questions or concerns.