My Outdoor Adventure: Zip Lining

-Megan Boiano

Last weekend, bullied into it by my friends, I did something I had never considered before. I am not a particularly adventurous person, but when my friend insisted on going zip lining for her birthday, I complied. It was a rainy day, so the hiking trails from one jump spot to the next were quite muddy, and I may or may not have fallen in it just a few times, but it was worth it. We went to a local ski resort that offers canopy tours throughout the summer and fall. Although I went with a few friends, zip lining is an exciting outing for the whole family. As long as your children are at least 8 years old, consider taking them on an adventure they’ll never forget. The tour we went on included six different zip lines, escalating in length and height, culminating in a high speed descent through the wilderness. In between patches of rain and fog, I was impressed by how gorgeous the surrounding area I was zipping through was. The beautiful autumn foliage was truly a spectacular sight, worth forcing myself to open my eyes through my fearful journey soaring down the zip line. This experience was adrenaline filled and made me question why I don’t spend more time outdoors, even if it is simply to have a picnic or go for a hike.

Once I got home from our intense day and took a much needed shower, I decided to look into what I would need to be outdoor ready. On the hike at the canopy tour, I wore sneakers with little to no traction, which likely contributed to my many embarrassing encounters with the mud-ridden mountain-face. I realized that one of the first things I should purchase is a pair of hiking shoes. Remembering the benefits of buying through a Time To Save partner, I searched there for deals first. I discovered that in addition to the sales already listed on New Balance’s website, I would receive an additional 2.5% back from my purchase which I could chose to keep in my personal Time To Save account or donate to an affiliated charity. Now that I have the basis of what I may need to become more acquainted with nature, I am excited to make future plans. That enthusiasm will be useful since I have already booked an appointment to go skydiving in two weeks. Wish me luck!

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