Music and money go well together

– Mariana Braz

Who doesn’t want to experience a live concert once in a while? I certainly do. I always thought that coming to the United States it would be easier for me to go see my favorite artists playing live. But when I tried to buy my first ticket it was a disappointment.

I couldn’t believe how expensive! That makes it impossible to a college student to afford. And let’s be honest, we need some entertainment between homework and exams to keep us going.

I dreamed my whole life about going to a Madonna’s concert, but I felt I was very close to missing the opportunity I’ve waited my whole life for. I looked for deals all over the internet but I couldn’t find anything cheap enough.  As a student I have to make choices. Most of the times I go with saving my money for a future need.

I learned about some free concerts but all of them are early in the morning and like a lot of people, I have to go to work or to school in the morning. So that didn’t work for me. I was very mad at that point, because I heard tickets were sold out and I didn’t have mine yet.

This wasn’t the first time that happened. There were a few other artists I had to miss because the tickets were sold out or they were too expensive. The worst part is to know that Lady Gaga, Pink, John Mayer, 3 Doors Down etc., are playing somewhere not even an hour from me and I still feel like I’m in Brazil, thousands of miles away from them.

That’s when I figured out a way to go to these concerts and still have money on my savings. Time to Save helped me go to see my biggest idol ever.  I bought my tickets on Ace Ticket, a Time to Save partner. They offer up to 3.5% back every time you buy tickets for concerts, sports and theater.   And that’s not all, if you have kids and want to experience the magic of Broadway shows, this is your opportunity. They have tickets to Lion King, Spider Man, and Mary Poppins, just to name a few.

I went to the concert and had a blast. The best part was that I enjoyed it and I didn’t have to worry about spending all my money because I got some of it back. Now I’m looking into my next one and I know one of Time to Save’s partners will offer me a great deal.

Lady Gaga anybody???

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