Life and Workforce Balance

– Cheryl Brite

When your job/career becomes your whole world, there are consequences to your personal life. When relationships are not nurtured with your loved ones, it becomes strained. When your job is on a day-to-day basis becoming overwhelming, you have to make a change. You have to force yourself to look at the clock, decide at five or six o clock to shut down your computer, and go home. When this doesn’t happen often enough, another solution is to block out time by taking a vacation.

When you’re away from work, travel is a part of life you don’t want to miss out on. The point is to get away from the stress and to enjoy your vacation as far away from your job as possible. I suggest going onto the site Time To Save and checking out the partner page where you can find Travelocity. When you click on “shop now,” Time To Save leads you to Travelocity. They show you special offers for members like an, “All – Inclusive Vacations! Flight + 4 Nights Hotel From $718.” You put in where you want to go, and Travelocity will list it for you. What could be more exciting than choosing anywhere in the world to go on vacation?

I’d love to go to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. The warm weather, the thriller rides, water rides, and the company of my family are all I need and with that in mind I race to my laptop, go on to Travelocity, and book my vacation right away. Denver International Airport to Orlando International Airport is my destination. I think about whom I want to go on vacation with, my mom and sister. I choose flight information and hotels because I want to know what I’ll be spending. I scroll down the page where I discover three on site hotels at Universal. I know to pick from the Hard Rock, the Royal Pacific, or the Portofino Bay because I want to be conveniently on the resort’s campus.

Each hotel has listed beside them the cost, the flight, and a 15% discount savings plus theme park benefits. Once I book my vacation, I can relax, knowing I saved on my trip as well as the feeling of excitement about my time spent at Universal, my happiest place on earth. Because the deals on Travelocity offer additional great perks like 3% cash back into your Time To Save account, I’m headed back to the site to plan my next vacation. It’s so easy so pick your vacation destination today and let the world of work drift away.

A vacation is a time to relax and let go and with a deal like this work can become more of an afterthought than a consuming one. You can concentrate on having a great time on your vacation rather than thinking about what work you’ll be getting back to when you get home. Once you leave the work world, you need to leave it behind when you step into your life.

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