Letter to Santa

– Mariana Braz

Dear Santa,

It is that time of the year again. We are all worried if we made into your nice or naughty list. That’s why I am writing. I want to plead my case and tell you everything I did this year. Maybe, if you haven’t made a decision about me, this letter will help you.

I’ve been great this year. That’s what I think. I worked hard and got two internships, a News Editor position and an extension to stay in the US. I also made some good decisions. For example, I joined Time to Save and started saving money with my online purchases.

I know I spend more than I should sometimes, but at least now that I have my Time to Save account, I’m getting some of the money I spent back. So put a check on “nice.”

As I said I started two internships. They are really great experiences. And I am enjoying every second of it. I guess I can get two points here, right? OK, my score on the nice or naughty is 3 – 0 so far.

I also try to help others and be nice to people as much as I can. I know sometimes I kind of lose my patience and can be mean, but it is just because there are a few moments and a few people I can’t take. Perhaps I got one or a couple of points for naughty.

I know I might have slipped along the way, but hey, I’m human, and you as a guardian, should know I can’t be perfect all the time.

I have a few things to ask you this year. I hope you can give it to me. I even have a suggestion to where to get them, in case your elves, gnomes and yetis are way too busy to make my presents. Go to Time to Save and open an account there. I’m sure you will get a lot of cash back for the amount of things you would buy. It is free and very easy.

I hope this tip will give me some more “nice” points!!

I will send you a separate letter with my wish list. I know you are really busy, so I will stop here .I hope you have a great time preparing for Christmas and I will see you soon!!