Last Minute Halloween Tips, Tricks, and Treats!

Being a professional procrastinator or a “wait until the last minuter” during the holiday season can be stressful during any time of the year.  Have you ever waited until the middle of the night to get an Easter basket? Or, forgot to have cash on hand when the tooth fairy needed to make a visit? We have all been there, and every year the holidays creep up on us way too fast.

So, its Halloween. You have no candy, no decorations, no costumes, and no plans now what? Surprisingly you can combat holiday procrastination blues with a little extra cash in your pocket. Here’s how:


1.) Last Minute Candy Discounts– Stores begin to discount all of their candy as Halloween gets closer.

The downfall: You won’t have as many choices.

The Benefit: You can get twice as much for the price you would pay at the beginning of the season.

This is the best way to shop for Halloween candy. After all, if you buy it early, doesn’t your family just eat it anyway? Save money and calories this season wait until candy prices start to come down to buy your sweet treats.


2.) Costume Creativity– With only a few options left in stores at the last minute, you either have to make the best of the generic costumes that are left, or make your own!

The Downfall: If creativity isn’t your strong suit this could make you panic and end up in a cliche costume that is way too overdone but at least you saved money on it right?

The Benefit: Pressure breeds creativity and can help you see a costume in the left over remnants of props that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

Try your best to get creative with what you have on hand. Last year I couldn’t find a costume and it was the day of Halloween. At home I found a pair of nerd glasses and suspenders to make a quick nerd costume. It was one of the best costumes I had yet and it cost me next to nothing!

3.) Do-It-Yourself Costumes, Decorations, and Treats-When you’re out of time and you can’t make it to the stores it’s time to work with what you have on hand.

Check out these DIY ideas for Halloween and turn your last minute holiday gathering into the best party of the year!

pumpkin ice bucket

Pumpkin Ice Bucket

spider web

DIY Spider Web Decoration


DIY Racoon Costume









Jack-O-Lantern Burgers


Pretzel & Marshmallow Bones

kity makeup

King of the Jungle Make-Up










Pumpkin Bowling


Creepy Glow Eyes


Bloody Shirley Temples









Cher from Clueless Costume


Sandy from Grease Costume









Beetle Juice Make-Up


Squirmy Jelly Worms