I can’t afford to save money.

Top 5 Most Popular Excuses not to Save Money

  1. money_headacheMyth: I can’t afford to save money.Reality: Employers may sometimes have to reduce salaries to save jobs and prevent lay offs. In this scenario you would make sure you can still pay your expenses on less money. Reducing your salary by as low as 1% up to 10% and putting that money into savings will not keep you from paying your expenses.
  2. Myth: I am too young or too old to start saving money now. Reality: The earlier you start saving money the more your money is worth over the long term. You are never too old to start saving money because you never know what could happen to money you rely on in the future such as pension, social security, etc.
  3. Myth: I don’t have the will power to save money. Reality: Saving money is a choice but it does not have to be. Most employers will deposit a small amount of your salary in a savings account instead of your checking account based on what you elect. If the money has been saved before you have a chance to spend it, it takes a way the choice and temptation.
  4. Myth: I can’t save money in this economy. Reality: Because of the economy we NEED to save money. We can’t rely on programs like social security to protect us in the future. Without starting a savings plan now, you can guarantee you will never be able to retire which is much scarier then putting money aside starting today.
  5. Myth: When I try to save money, I just spend it. Reality: If you go into saving money with a defeated attitude you will just spend it. There are financial programs that enforce untouchable savings. Programs that are designed to reward long term savings and punish immediate spending.

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