How to Earn with Travel

 -Ashley Baker
These days there are a million and one reasons for people to travel. Whether it is a business trip, a family gathering, or just a well-deserved vacation people travel more and more every day, and it is no secret that the costs add up quickly. According to Forbes in 2009 Americans spent $41.9 billion on air travel alone, and that almost doesn’t compare to the $54.9 billion that was spent on lodging. Travel does not have to be this way.

There are many different tools out there to help people save money when they travel. Many sites that allow people to book flights, hotels, and even rental cars have different ways of helping people find the cheapest combinations. Searching for flights and hotels through sites like Travelocity, Priceline, and Expedia, you can find packages to help you save money. Expedia even has a “best price guarantee” and will refund the difference if you find a better price on the same hotel.

These sites help travelers save money, and combining them with a Time to Save account, not only helps you save, but earn money as well. Time to Save offers deals with places like Avis Rent-a-car,, and Travelocity. Right now when booking with Priceline, Time to Save members can earn up to 50% cash back on their purchases! Not only are you finding cheaper prices, but you have the ability to put away some of the money spent for the future, and who can argue with a deal like that?

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