Happy sHOHOHO pping!

– Mariana Braz

Can you believe the holiday season is here?  I still remember when I took the tree down from last year. And in a couple of weeks I have to get everything back up again. I love the Christmas decorations. I think people put a lot of effort into it.

I always drive around to see all the lights and decorations around my neighborhood. Everything is really pretty. I also like when it snows. It makes the landscape a perfect movie setting. I can almost hear the chorus singing and the kids playing on the snow.

More than decorations, people start to stress out with the presents. Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, parents of the world listen to me: I have a solution to your problems. It is called Time to Save. This website will help you with the shopping for the kids without cleaning up your bank account.

If you are not a member yet, just register now for free. Then you can go to Mattel Shop and find all the toys your kids have been dreaming of. I know you want to see those sparkling eyes as they open the presents.

Mattel Shop has a variety of brands from Disney to Hot Wheels, Barbie dolls and much more. When you buy trough your Time to Save account, Mattel Shop offers up to 2% cash back on your purchase. This money goes straight to your Time to Save’s account. That will make your eyes sparkle!

This is really awesome. You buy the toys you need to make the kids happy, and you are twice as happy because you will be able to see the smile in their faces and the money you saved deposited into your account!

I used to stress out a lot during the holidays. I have to buy so many presents and going from store to store trying to find the best gift at great prices, sometimes seems to be impossible. That’s one of the reasons I joined Time to Save. Other reason is the cash back. Who doesn’t like to shop and really save? I do.

Now that you know where to shop this year, I think I’m going to start my holiday shopping.

Happy holidays and happy savings!