Happily Ever After

– Mariana Braz

Once upon a time there was a princess and she found her prince…How many times have you read this story?

For one reason or the other, some people don’t believe in princes on white horses. I personally don’t. On the other hand, we dream about finding that special person but with our super busy lives, sometimes the prince charming or princess enchanted have to wait to be found.

This is the kind of story that reminds me of the Renascence or Medieval times. A lot of castles, and villages and serenades… But let’s be real, we live in the 21st century, and things are quite different now.

What I like about the 21st century is the convenience of doing everything online. By the way, can you see your life with no internet? Just stop for a second and imagine yourself for a day with no access to any type of online connection. Tough, don’t you think?

It is even harder to think about fairy tales in a moment where everything screams technology. No space, or time, for serenades or poems or hand written letters.

I can’t even picture myself without my smartphone or my laptop for couple of hours. Letters were substituted for text messages and serenades for mp3.

When I don’t have my electronic devices, it feels like I am disconnected and I am missing something. As if the world would suddenly change and I would not know just because I didn’t get an alert on my phone.

You might think this is a little bit extreme but this is the 21st century’s reality. Everything is connected to the web and there is no way we can escape that.

I’m not saying this is horrible, it is actually the opposite. Don’t you think it is great to shop for your favorite brands from your couch? I love the idea of buying online. That’s why I am a Time to Save member. They have partnered with hundreds of retailers and every time I buy from one of them, I’m saving money for the future.

But going back to the internet connected life and fairy tales; I wanted to share something with you. If we’ve decided to shop online, take online classes, have meetings online…Why not online date?

There are a lot of websites specialized in matchmaking. I am sure you have heard of Match.com. This is a leading dating website. They have thousands of members and they use a very detailed matchmaking questionnaire that will connect you to the people who will most likely be a great match for you.

Time to Save members can save up to 37.5% when they use Match.com. Now tell me, isn’t this a fairy tale?

Everybody dreams with her prince charming or his princess enchanted. When you find that person and still have money on your account, then we can call it a happy ending.