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Join Time to Save today to gain more customers and to keep them coming back again and again!

Increase Customers: Time to Save members prefer to do business with Time to Save partner businesses and partner merchants. Plus, Time to Save is adding new members everyday. By promoting our partners to our members via our online directory, and featuring partners in email blasts members are practically driven to your business. Plus your message is being promoted to thousands, month after month.

Increase Retention: Time to Save members are rewarded by our partners for their loyalty. This encourages members to continue to frequent your business.

How it Works: Time to Save is a rapidly expanding social and philanthropic organization committed to boosting your business while helping its members secure financial savings. We provide our members with cash back rewards generated from purchases they make with our partners. This cash back accrues helping our members to build long term savings accounts.

Why it Works: Time to Save directs its members to make the purchases, which they are already making, from our Time to Save merchant partners. In doing so, they accrue cash back rewards in increments on everything they buy. These rewards are then deposited into a safe and secure interest bearing account.

Time to Save doesn’t cost businesses it pays!

To partner with Time to Save, you simply choose to provide a small amount of cash back for members who present their Time to Save card at the time of purchase. This cash back is deposited into the members account. They know that each time they are making a purchase at your business, they are receiving a discount in the form of accrued cash value.

You choose the discount that best suits your business. Plus, it’s FREE. There is no additional cost to you to become a partner.

To get started, simply enroll in Time to Save by filling out the form below.

Next, choose the discount you want to offer to your potential customers.

That’s it! See how simple it is…

Next, Time to Save will update your business in the system. Within 48 hours your business will be promoted on our website.

You will receive a welcome package that includes:

  • Information on tracking results
  • How to process Time to Save member sales
  • A sticker to affix to your store window.

Members are driven to your business through our email, social media, and website marketing.

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