Experience Is Everything

– Jay Hathaway

Whenever I engage in conversations about making money, I often share with whomever I’m speaking with that there are only two things that motivate me to earn bucks: one is obvious (or it should be)—I wish to make sure my family is secure and taken care of for the future; secondly, I want to experience things.  What do I mean by this?  One with an overactive sense of the metaphysical may respond, “Well, every moment of one’s life is some sort of experience.”  I concede that point, but I am referring to activities that are fillers of the ever-popular “bucket lists.”  I am talking about travel, culture, and doing things that are just, well, out of the ordinary.

I’ve read a lot of Hemingway in my time.  The thing that I always admired about him was that he did things!  Yes, his ultimate ending could definitely be considered tragic, but he put a lot of effort into living a damn interesting life before that came about.  Perhaps that is why I love those “Most Interesting Man in the World” commercials.  He has the Hemingway appeal.  That is, he has stories to tell, wisdom to share, a diverse array of unusual knowledge, and enough spectacular memories to keep him smiling for eternity (if he were, in fact, a real person).

So, back to the money aspect—getting oneself to Spain to run with the bulls costs some serious cash!  A resourceful type could probably work his or her way around the globe for minimal cost, but that would require the kind of time and sacrifices that a family man like myself cannot risk.  But there is help out there, and some of the prices are definitely reasonable.  I’m talking about what is perhaps the coolest site I’ve found since working with Time To Save on this blog: Great American DaysThe front page of their website reads, “Give the Experience of a Lifetime,” and that is exactly what they are offering—experience.  Want to drive a Lamborghini or a Bentley for 150 miles through Napa Valley?  Yeah, they’ve got that.  Looking for something a little less ostentatious, but no less spectacular?  Try one of their many gourmet food experiences.  Whatever city in America you happen to be visiting, this site has a nearby experience for you.  Prices range from less than $100 to…well, much more, but let’s face it—driving a stock car around a real race track is a priceless endeavor.  Plus, you can earn up to 4% back when shopping through Time To Save.

Though the site deals with U.S. experiences, there are plenty of wonderful discoveries to be made within the confines of our own borders, and I encourage you all to pursue them.  And so, back to my original point—what better things to use one’s money on than memories and experiences to look back on in our later years; to be able to say, “I did that!”  So, yes, save money for your future, and for your family’s future, but make sure you take some for yourself and others to live it up a little along the way.