Citizens for Quality Sickle Cell Care Walkathon

Sickle Cell Disease is a painfully debilitating disease that is often overlooked. This serious condition is characterized by the red bloods cells, which normally have a round shape like a compact disc, becoming crescent or “sickle” shaped. These sickle shaped blood cells struggle passing through the blood stream which causes blood flow blockage and organ damage, both resulting in severe pain.

Over the weekend Time to Save was able to get out and support the Citizens for Quality Sickle Cell Care in Hartford, CT at their annual walk-a-thon this year. CQSCC has partnered with TIme to Save in an effort to raise awareness for Sickle Cell and allow TTS members to contribute to the cause. You can add CQSCC as a beneficiary via the add a beneficiary link here.

You can also sign up for Time to Save under the charity here.

You can also visit their website. for more information on Volunteer Opportunities.