Baby Business

– Mariana Braz

A good friend of mine, Dani, told me a few months ago that she was pregnant. I was so happy for her and her husband Mark. They were very excited but they had no idea how to start getting the nursery ready.

Last month I went to Virginia to visit them and meet the baby. She is the cutest little thing. She was dressed in this pink and white dress that reminded me of this one doll I had when I was a child. I remember that I wouldn’t let go of that doll for a second. It used that drive my mom crazy, because I wanted to carry the baby doll with me everywhere.

I even remember once walking with my mom downtown, and I saw this baby furniture store and I wanted a crib for my doll, but my mom obviously said no.

Anyway, going back to my friend, when I walked into her daughter’s room I was shocked how beautiful everything was. Not that I expected something bad, but I was surprised to see that they got everything ready on time. She had the white furniture, and colorful pillows, just like the ones I wanted for my doll when I was a kid.

Dani told me that they followed my advice and joined Time To Save. On their first browsing through the website they found this store called Baby Earth where they bought everything they needed to the nursery.  Baby Earth offers up to 3% money back to Time To Save members.

She said that Mark was even more excited when he saw that they joined Time To Save for free, bought everything they needed at great prices and, best of all, some of the money they spent is now back at their Time To Save account.

Then I told her that the best thing to do is to keep the money in the account. That’s what I do, because as a Time To Save member , every time I buy from one of Time To Save’s partners,  I get some cash back that goes into my Time To Save account.

Mark and Dani said that’s what they will do, so their account will grow and they will have a good savings to help secure their little girl’s future.