5 Things You Should Be Doing Financially in 2015.

Budgeting: It’s the simplest way to get started on the right track of becoming a smart money manager. With all of the availability of templates, tools, and apps today, it is easier than ever to get started with one. Google Drive makes it even easier to maintain a budget with access  to your budget available on all your devices at all times. You can pull out your phone and check your budget before you make a purchase. It’s that simple. Here is a list of Google templates for budgeting: Google Drive Budget Templates.

Saving Money: If you are in your mid-twenties or older and you haven’t started saving money you are doing yourself a serious injustice. It may seem impossible with an income=expenses lifestyle. But it is possible to find ways to save money in places where you least expect it.  Using coupons, shopping around, and utilizing cash back shopping options can all help you find ways to save money on the things you need. For more tips check out this Time article: 7 Ways to Trick Yourself into Saving Money in 2015.

Online Shopping: Brick and mortar stores only offer one thing that online shopping can’t:  instant gratification. But consider the instant gratification online shopping does offer when you take into account the immediate access from any device or computer,  the ability to comparison shop and look for deals, and the option to ship almost anything to you within 24 hours. Online shopping is more secure than it was in previous years and more department stores offer deeper discounts, with a larger selection online.  Time to Save gives you the opportunity to save money on every purchase. The objective isn’t to spend the money as soon as you get it, but save it and enjoy the satisfaction that comes along with growing your money over time.

Discount Stacking: Have you always wondered how those “couponer” people end up saving so much money and think to yourself I don’t have the time for that? The newspaper clipping, remembering to bring your coupons, and organizing can be overwhelming for some. You do have time to stack discounts online if you are willing to take a few extra steps. Purchasing discounted gift cards is a great way to stack a discount. By using that gift card to make a purchase on Time to Save you will receive cash back savings on the gift card purchase, and the final sale (with our participating retailers). Start browsing our stores today.

Investing: The easiest way to start investing without getting involved with the hands-on work is to opt-in to the 401k plan at your job. Money is deducted directly from your payroll and invested on your behalf. You can decide how aggressive you want to invest and the best part is you aren’t responsible for picking your own stocks. If your company matches contributions and you aren’t participating you are missing out on free money that could benefit you in the future.  If you don’t have access to a 401k plan or substitute you can learn a great deal about investing for beginners online. A great learning resource for beginners can be found here: Investing 101: A Tutorial For Beginner Investors