5 Simple Money Saving Tips for Beginners

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DIY Piggy Bank by Lizmichel Lee.

  1. Use your grocery store’s flyer to plan your meals for a week or two. By always shopping based on what’s on sale you will see a significant reduction in your grocery expense. Remember to always bring a list and stick to it!
  2. DIY. Try to do as many things as you can yourself, learn how to give yourself a manicure and pedicure or try to make pantry dinners that consist only of ingredients you have on hand. Finding other ways to do things yourself will reduces your miscellaneous expenses. You can hem your own pants or repair that broken chair with a little determination.
  3. Cancel useless subscriptions or memberships. Things that are automatically charged to your account that you rarely use like gym memberships and magazine or video subscription services. Saving that few extra bucks each month will really add up at the end of a year or 5!
  4. Stop using disposable plates, cups, and utensils. Wash your dishes by hand and minimize dishwasher use if you can. You will spend more time at the sink but less time at the store buying these items. Consider using kitchen towels as opposed to paper towels while doing your cleaning also. You can always throw them in the washing machine when you are done and spend much less money on paper towels.
  5. Limit your credit card use so that you never have to pay interest. Only spend what you are willing to pay each month to avoid incurring any interest charges. Ask your credit card company to lower your limit if need. Most of them will work with you. Opt out of new credit cards by calling 888-5OPTOUT.