15 Reasons You Should Not Shop on Thanksgiving Day.

1.) The holidays are the few days a year we get to spend time with our families.

2.) One of the best parts about the holidays is reminiscing on all the good, bad, and iconic from previous years. You don’t want to miss this year’s moment!

3.) You can shop as a family together on Thanksgiving. Compare ‘Black Friday’ deals on all your devices after dessert and share in the savings!

4.) Avoid the lines, crowds, and sadly sometimes violence. It’s just not worth it!

5.) You don’t have to worry about parking. Every year we see SUVs parked all over the grass at department stores, this can’t be fun.

6.) Hello, this is the best part by far. Who wants to miss that turkey coming out of the oven hot and fresh?

7.) Most, if not all of the deals are available online. Better deals with more options are available online.

8.) Customer service workers deserve a day off too!

9.) Football! What is Thanksgiving without football? You can’t watch football if you’re stuck in line.

10.) You are going to be dressed in your Sunday best and might as well flaunt it, why waste that special outfit on a day of stressful shopping.

11.) So often the weekends fly by with the kids’ activities and events. This year you should enjoy the day with them without all the other distractions.

12.) Thanksgiving only comes around once a year. Can you honestly say you have a better meal on any other day of the year?

13.) This is probably 1 of 3 days a year we can get away with skipping on the diet and exercise. Who wants to spend that running around stores?

14.)Thanksgiving is about being thankful for the things that you have. Like being thankful you can sit back, relax and enjoy some quality time with your loved ones.

15.) There is always online shopping! If the thought of missing out on a good deal is unbearable then pull out that, tablet and start browsing as a family. With all the technology available today to browse the internet on your TV, it’s too easy not to stay home and shop instead. Share deals and see who can come up with the best savings. Gift giving could get interesting this year and everyone gets a sneak peek at who is buying what. You can find everything you’re looking for in once place and save money on every single purchase you make. Visit Time to Save today!