10 Signs your Valentine is Financially Secure.

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 1.) They have a savings account.

Saving money shows a certain level of maturity. Once you’re out of high school it is no longer cool to blow your whole paycheck.

2.) They have a 401k plan.

Planning for the future is an attractive quality and implies security.  Depending on your age this is more or less important, but it is never too early to start saving for retirement.

3.) They use a budget to manage income and expenses.

Budgeting income and expenses shows responsibility. Being actively responsible with money will trickle down on to other aspects of your relationship.

4.) They promptly and fearlessly file their tax returns.

Being apprehensive about filing tax returns is a sign of dishonesty and insecurity. If your valentine is self-employed make sure they are practicing responsible financial record keeping, and paying all of their taxes to avoid future mutual consequences.

5.) They avoid splurging on unnecessary items, habits, or addictions.

Social drinking is normal, but be wary of a person who has expensive habits they can’t afford. Using recreational drugs, gambling, or shopping addiction can all be red flags.

6.) They have a budget for personal expenses and work on saving for the bigger purchases before impulse buying.

If your valentine is the spend first, worry later type they are probably not financially responsible. Pay attention to the frequency of impulse buying. There is is a difference between reasonable and extreme.

7.) They have a rainy day fund.

Being prepared for unexpected car or home repairs is very attractive. So many people live paycheck to paycheck without any wiggle room or ability to afford emergencies.

8.) They have long term financial goals they are working towards. ( Buying a house, car for cash, etc.)

No matter how old your valentine is, or how secure their life may appear there is always something they can be planning and saving for.  Early retirement, world travel, college expenses for children or grand children are all worthy causes to save for.

9.) They are prepared to be unemployed for at least a month without needing  assistance.

No one wants to think about the idea of getting laid off or even worse fired, but these circumstances are beyond our control. If your valentine could not survive the next week without their paycheck, that is a huge red flag and sign of financial distress.

10.) They work together with you on mutual financial goals, by being upfront about their financial situation and fully disclose any expenditures.

The most important aspect of relationships and money is honesty. It is important to discuss finances at the appropriate level based on the relationship you are in. As things progress you should become more and more open about every single detail. Especially if it affects your valentine directly.

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